Ecolab warehouse taking shape

Jan. 9—HIGH POINT — Construction on a 1 million-square-foot warehouse in High Point for cleaning-products distributor Ecolab is progressing.

PNK Group, an international developer leading the project as the first phase of the High Point North Industrial Center business park, expects to have construction completed in July, company partner Mark Stiles said.

More than half of the building’s roof is in place, and crews are preparing to start on the interior, he said.

PNK Group’s Building Assembly Set Elements Have Been Certified in the U.S.

PNK Group’s new industrial building elements technology, which took several years to develop, has been certified by the University of Nebraska.

Atlanta, Georgia–(Newsfile Corp. – January 17, 2024) – PNK Group is pleased to announce that their innovative Building Assembly Set (BAS) elements for industrial construction have been officially certified by the University of Nebraska, marking a significant advancement in the rapid erection of industrial buildings across the United States.

The main difference of this new construction method is the unified Building Assembly Set elements that ensure easy transportation and assembly, and most importantly, fast erection of industrial buildings and start-up of production.

PNK Group aims to enhance the efficiency of Bethel Factories

The production site under PNK Group’s purview will receive additional equipment to further this goal.

Located in Bethel County, Pennsylvania, PNK Group’s plant for producing structural elements for buildings has already reached its planned capacity. Despite this achievement, the company anticipates a 20-30% increase in productivity.

Acquired in April 2023, the plant specializes in manufacturing precast concrete elements, including columns, panels, beams, dock pits, and other products distributed to Pennsylvania and Georgia. Its production capacity enables the construction of approximately 4 million square feet of industrial buildings annually.

Occupying a 48,000-square-foot complex on approximately 28 acres of land, the facility employs around 80 technical engineering and industrial worker professionals.

Project Humboldt: PNK Group’s Building Assembly Set Successfully Field-Tested

PNK Group learned how to correct erectors’ mistakes and acquired its own plants.

Hazleton, Pennsylvania – February 8, 2024 ( – PNK Group has recently completed the sale of its first facility in the United States, constructed using its proprietary building assembly set technology, to Patton Logistics—a prominent e-commerce and logistics specialist. This groundbreaking building, totaling approximately 315,000 square feet, was erected in the Humboldt Industrial Park in Hazleton, Pennsylvania, in 2022.

The agreement materialized after Patton Logistics conducted thorough tests on the building without prior commitments, commencing operations in May 2023. Impressively, Patton Logistics intended to purchase the facility shortly after the summer.

The construction process analysis provided PNK Group with valuable insights, enabling the company to make tactical and strategic decisions that will significantly impact its operations in the USA. The initial experience revealed potential pitfalls, including inaccuracies from erectors and material shortages, leading to a construction timeline of about 12 months, exceeding PNK Group’s standards and proving unreasonably expensive.

PNK Group Announces Successful Completion of the First U.S. Project Utilizing Innovative Construction Assembly Set

PNK Group announces the realization of the first project in the USA with the use of a constructor using its own technology. PNK Group has completed the first U.S. industrial building in Pennsylvania using constructor-owned technology, signaling a new phase of development in industrial construction.

PNK Group, an engineering and manufacturing company leading proprietary technology development in the industrial construction industry, announces the successful completion of the first industrial building in the United States using the PNK Constructor. This project, located in the Humboldt Industrial Park, Hazleton, PA, represents a significant achievement in expanding and applying PNK Group’s technology in the U.S. market.

PNK Group Building Assembly Set received its first certifications in the United States

After five years of development in collaboration with leading U.S. structural designers, the products were successfully tested at the University of Nebraska.

Certificates from the Structural Testing Laboratory at the University of Nebraska – Lincoln have been issued for PNK Group‘s large-unit building block elements. The block consists of reinforced concrete columns and attached reinforced concrete panels with insulation, and its use offers a new way of industrial construction. The development of the system, which involved leading American specialists, lasted five years–the project aimed to create unified elements suitable for the Building Assembly Set construction method. This will enable the building structure to be erected accelerated, reducing the company’s dependence on weather conditions (high or low temperatures), highly skilled labor, and heavy machinery. Structural Testing Laboratory of the University of Nebraska – Lincoln confirmed the system components’ reliability.

PNK Park Allenwood Welcomed Local Brokers

PNK Industrial Park opened its doors to real estate brokers and professionals last Thursday in an initiative aimed at fostering collaboration and expanding opportunities within the real estate community. This event marked an exciting milestone in our commitment to excellence and innovation within the industrial and commercial real estate sector.

PNK park Allenwood offers a world-class industrial environment known for its strategic location, modern infrastructure, and dynamic business community. By welcoming brokers into our ecosystem, we aim to provide them with valuable resources to connect their clients with the perfect industrial spaces

PNK park Allenwood hosted a special Broker Event on Thursday, where brokers had the opportunity to tour our facilities, meet our team, and gain valuable insights into the advantages of partnering with PNK group.

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PNK Industrial Park remains committed to building strong partnerships with brokers and continues to provide exceptional industrial and commercial real estate solutions. Join us on this exciting journey!