Build to Suit

In our Build-to-Suit developments, we craft custom solutions that perfectly align with our clients’ specific needs and goals. No matter what your business needs, PNK Group can plan, manage, and build an industrial facility that suits your specific requirements.

1. The price PNK Group gives to the client is fixed. There will be no change orders. The only one who can change the price by adding or removing any options is the client himself.

2. When building on the client’s land PNK Group is ready to fix prices and finance the project completely at its own expense. PNK assumes all risks, develops its own project and does all the necessary surveys. The client pays only after acceptance of the finished building. In this case the client does not bear any risks.

Speculative Building

Our ready-to-occupy spaces are suitable for various purposes, including production, warehousing, and distribution centers. PNK Group’s basic configuration of industrial buildings of any size includes:

1. Height – 45′ maximum height, 40′ clear height
2. Floor – 8″ floor with reinforcement
3. Roof – 60 mil, R-25
4. Walls – three-layer concrete walls with insulation.
5. Dock equipment – included
6. Lights – 30FC on 15’ Whips / Motion Sensors

Land Acquisition

We invite landowners, real estate professionals, and individuals with potential land opportunities to collaborate with PNK Group in shaping the future of industrial projects.

We are currently seeking land acquisition opportunities in:

North East / Mid Atlantic / South East / South West

Orange: Projects Underway
Yellow: Land Acquisition
Black: Factories

Submit Your Proposal:

If you have a land opportunity that you believe is suitable for industrial development, we invite you to submit your proposal to us.

 Please include the following information:

Our team will review all proposals and get in touch with you for further discussion. We are willing to pay fees to professional market participants, brokers and intermediaries.

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